ICT Modules go a step ahead by introducing System Analysis, Coding and other Technical modules

Serves as an excellent foundation for work in other areas, including but not limited to Developer, Designer, Hardware Specialist

Students who take this cours are prepared for a intermediate course or a career in the tech industry. Students build strength in an additional field by following an approved course of study in a related area.

Admission Fees: Kshs 3,000/-                              

Resource fees : Kshs 2,000/-


Module 1

  • Introduction to ICT
  • Computer Application1( Mathematics)
  • Basic Electronics
  • Operating systems
  • Entrepreneurship & Common Skills
  • Life Skills

Module 2

  • Computer maintenance & support
  • Computer Applications 2
  • Structured programming
  • Course specialization project
  • Entrepreneurship (Business plan)


Module 1

  • Intro to computers and principles of operation systems
  • Computer Applications
  • Information Systems Management
  • Communication skills (support subjects) Internal

Module 2

  • Systems Analysis and designs
  • Programming 1 & 2
  • Entrepreneurship Education (support subjects)
  • Mathematics (support subject) Internal Exam

Module 3

  • Quantitative methods
  • Data communication
  • Principles and Practice of Management (Support subject)
  • Project
  • Industrial Attachment

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