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How it all began - the mission of creating an educational hub

Founded in 1999, in college has evolved into Mombasa’s leading institution of learning discovery and knowledge creation. Our students have the opportunity to learn from and work with preeminent thought leaders through our multidisciplinary network of teaching and research faculty, alumni and partners.

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The diversity of Memon College Community is our strength

We believe that excellence flourishes in an environment that embraces the broadest range of people, that helps them to achieve their full potential, that facilitates the free expression of their diverse perspectives through respectful discourse, and in which high standards are maintained for students and staff alike.

Memon College Mission & Vision

Provision of high quality, affordable, accessible and relevant tertiary level education, delivered by dedicated professional teams, with values of heritage, excellence and teamwork.

To provide an innovative educational environment for lifelong programs that enable individuals, communities and the region to prosper.

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